Warm hearts in a cold place

PIC_0546There is a small Romanian town of Brosteni, set deep in the Carpathian Mountains, near the Ukraine border. Not only are the winters extremely cold, but the people are extremely poor … some of the poorest in all of Europe

There are about 100 children at the Bread of Life orphanage in Brosteni. Poverty, alcoholism and drug abuse drive parents to abandon their children. Many are brought to the orphanage by the police.

As the cold settles in this winter, I ask that you remember these children. For $18 you can help one child through the winter. $108 will provide for six of the orphans this winter.

These Christian boys and girls are part of our family in a spiritual sense, and in a practical way too, as we help answer their prayer, “Lord give us this day our daily bread.”

This month, I ask that you continue to bless the orphans at Bread of Life and the hundreds of children you feed across Romania, who send their sincere thanks for a Full Life.