Annual Report

The year 2013 saw Feed the Hungry take the fight against hunger to more nations as the number of children fed increased by 50%!

The Every Child Every Day Program increased the number of enrolled children from 40,269 to 62,335 in 20 nations! A new field was opened in Lesotho where 67% of the populace lives in poverty.

Every Child Every Day is aimed at primary school-aged children. The Program provides a nutritious lunch which has proven very effective in increasing school enrollment and improving school attendance and performance. Our program in Burundi reported improved attendance rates of nearly 20% and moreover, the number of students passing their year-end exams increased by 15%! The program also integrates Christian discipleship and basic health and hygiene instruction. For children living in impoverished nations the Every Child Every Day program provides real hope – for nutrition and an education.

Feed the Hungry continued to expand the outreach to refugee crisis that is quietly expanding in western Uganda. Tens of thousands of refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo have fled for their lives as militias battle the Congolese government. Feed the Hungry is feeding refugee children in five schools at the Rwamwanja Resettlement Camp. The Ugandan government has expressed appreciation for the response and confirmed that apart from this aid more than 13,000 children would go hungry.

Toward the end of the year Typhoon Haiyan traumatized the Philippine Islands. Feed the Hungry responded immediately with meals for those left homeless. Our response thus far has provided over four million meals. To assist the nation as it rebuilds, Feed the Hungry will initiate an Every Child Every Day Program in the Philippines.

As 2013 drew to a close South Sudan fell back into armed conflict. Again Feed the Hungry was ready and is now feeding refugees from that conflict. Whether in Africa, North Korea or Syria, Feed the Hungry is responsive to meeting the needs of those affected by war, famine and other disasters. Ready to provide desperately needed food, Feed the Hungry always shares the Good News of Jesus Christ with those we serve. The ministry strives to respond with the compassion of Christ to the forgotten, the famished, and the forlorn with hope.

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